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Personal and professional home tuition for A-Level students

Maths topics at A-level are complicated and full of ideas that need clear communication in order for you to learn them. When you choose home tutoring from Georgina Tuition, you benefit from the knowledge of an experienced teacher who can help you understand your subject through clear lessons and the added time one-to-one tuition offers.


My tuition can equip you with the knowledge and understanding required to pass your exams and progress to an exciting career or place at university.


C1, C2, C3 & C4



S1 & S2




AS Paper 1 (7135) - The Operation of Markets and Market Failure

AS Paper 2 (7135) - The National Economy in a Global Context

A Level Paper 1 (7136) - Markets and Market Failure

A Level Paper 2 (7136) - The National and International Economy

A Level Paper 3 (7136) - Economic Principles and Issues

Quantitative Skills


Edexcel Level 3

AS - GCE in Economics - 8ECO

Paper 1 - Introduction to Markets and Market Failure - 8EC01/1

Paper 2 - The UK Economy Performance and Policies - 8EC01/2


Advanced GCE in Economics - 9EC0

Paper 1 - Markets and Business Behaviour - 9EC0/01

Paper 2 - The National and Global Economy - 9EC0/02

Level 3 Extended Project

Quantitative Skills


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If you are an A-Level student in East London looking for professional home tuition, Georgina Tuition has the experience and knowledge you need.

Tuition offered for A-Level students


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